Textile Finishing


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Textile Finishing
Edited by Derek Heywood
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

The volume has brought together a number of authors who are expert in their particular field. The information in each chapter is not only technical and practical but can be used in laboratories and factories alike. The subjects cover all aspects of modern finishing and bring together information that previously has only been found in chemical companies’ technical data sheets.
Chapter 1 Mercerisation and liquid ammonia treatment, by Peter F Greenwood
Chapter 2 Drying and setting, by Leslie Miles
Chapter 3 Application methods, by P Greenwood and I Holme
Chapter 4 Mechanical finishing – traditional and modern, by A P Lockett
Chapter 5 Water-repellency and waterproofing, by I Holme
Chapter 6 Flame-retardant finishes and finishing, by A R Horrocks
Chapter 7 Chemical softening, by W Mooney
Chapter 8 Antistatic and soil-release finishes, by M Pailthorpe and S K David
Chapter 9 Easy-care finishing of cellulosics, by G Sharpe and P Mallinson
Chapter 10 Anti-microbial, rotproofing and hygiene finishes, by I Dring
Chapter 11 Wool finishes: the control of shrinkage, by D L Connell
Chapter 12 Mechanical finishing of wool fabric, by A G De Boos
Chapter 13 Coating, laminating, bonding, flocking and prepregging, by F A Woodruff

Case bound, 544 pages, 2003, ISBN 0 901956 81 3
SDC Ref: 10005

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