STEM: Different Dyes for Different Fibres Kit



The SDC Different dyes for different fibres educational resource kit has been designed and developed with education in mind.  This practical science kit provides everything needed (apart from a kettle of hot water!) for an easy demonstration of the dyeing process. the kit highlights the different dye uptakes by different textile fibres.

The demonstration provides dramatic results in a few simple steps. Three coloured dye solutions (red, yellow and blue) are supplied. Mixed together they form a murky brown solution and the magic occurs hen the SDC multi fibre strip is added.

The mukti fibre strip is a specially woven fabric tgt contains six different fibre types. The three dyes are fixed to different fibres meaning the fibre that emerges out of the murky dye bath has yellow, red, blue and white stripes!

Supporting information, lesson ideas, curriculum links and guidance for teachers is included with the kit, which is tailored for different levels and subjects:

  • KS2 Primary (cross curricular – Science & Technology)
  • Science Secondary
  • Textiles Secondary

Kit Contents

  • Plastic Bucket
  • 1.5 meters multi fibre strip
  • 3 synthetic dyes (red, yellow & blue)
  • Teacher Information Guide*
  • Pupil Worksheet*
  • Multi Fibre Strip Results Grid*

*Information and files provided electronically.

Additional information

Weight 600 g