SDC Standard SDC 1/01: 2008


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SDC Standard SDC 1/01: 2008
Visual colour assessment of textiles – Method
Produced by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

This SDC standard describes how to visually assess pairs of coloured textile samples which are homogeneous fibres, untextured structures and colours (unpatterned in any way).

The standard has been developed specifically to fulfill the need for standardisation where visual assessment is required. It describes the protocol for the visual assessment of colour, and terminology for reporting and communicating how the colour of a sample and reference standard are compared and evaluated under specific lighting and viewing conditions.

The content was developed in consultation with a number of organisations and industry experts, most particularly the SDC Colour Measurement Committee, which provide the SDC with support in its endeavours to educate and to improve the knowledge of coloration.

2008, ISBN 978-0-901956-91-0

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