Reactive Dyes for Textile Fibres


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Reactive Dyes for Textile Fibres
by A Hunter M Renfrew
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

The chemistry of activated pi-bonds as reactive groups and miscellaneous topics
The chemistry and application of reactive dyes comprise an enormous subject. In this textbook the author gives a detailed account of the chemistry of one of the two principal reactive groups used in reactive dyes for textile fibres: activated pi-bonds. The other topics were determined by his own particular interests or by a close relationship to the main area. An attempt has also been made to address new developments in reactive dyeing.

The first part of the book deals with the main topic and cover underlying mechanisms and principles, commercial interests and syntheses. Later chapters addresses the important related areas of multifunctional reactive dyes, and cellulose treatment methods associated with reactive dyeing. The book contains many references and is aimed at academics, research workers and final- year students in applied chemistry.

Chapter 1 The chemistry of activated pi-bonds as reactive groups
Chapter 2 Activated pi-bonds as reactive groups
Chapter 3 Synthesis of (masked) Michael acceptor intermediates and groups
Chapter 4 Miscellaneous aliphatic reactive groups
Chapter 5 Multifunctional reactive dyes
Chapter 6 Neutral-fixing reactive dyes
Chapter 7 Acid-fixing reactive dyes
Chapter 8 The chemistry of cellulose pre-treatment, co-treatments and after-treatments

Case bound, 224 pages, 1999, ISBN 0 901956 75 9
SDC Ref: 39

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