Colour Physics for Industry, 2nd Edition


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Colour Physics for Industry, 2nd Edition
Edited by Roderick McDonald
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Since the first edition of this book was published in 1987, there has been a revolution in information technology and computing power, accompanied by an enormous expansion of scientific colour control in the colour-using industries. The book has been thoroughly revised and brought up to date to reflect these technological and scientific developments. The book is intended to provide in a single volume a comprehensive text on those aspects of colour science that are important to the colour technologist in the day-to-day manufacture and control of coloured products.
Chapter 1 Light, light sources and light interactions, by Roy S Sinclair
Chapter 2 The measurement of colour, by David R Battle
Chapter 3 Colorimetry and the CIE system, by Bryan Rigg
Chapter 4 Colour order systems, colour spaces, colour difference and colour scales, by Kenneth J Smith
Chapter 5 Recipe prediction for textiles, by Roderick McDonald
Chapter 6 Colour-match prediction for pigmented materials, by James H Nobbs
Chapter 7 Colour in visual displays, by Lindsay W MacDonald
Chapter 8 How we see colour, by Adrian R Hill

534 pages, 1997, ISBN 0 901956 70 8
SDC Ref: 32

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