Colorants and Auxiliaries (2nd Edition), Vol 1 and 2


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Colorants and Auxiliaries, Volumes 1 + 2
Edited by John Shore
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

Since it was first published in 1990, the SDC’s book Colorants and Auxiliaries has become recognised as a first port of call for anyone interested in the science and technology of dyes and related products, especially those in textile wet processing. Now all the chapters in the original book have been thoroughly revised and updated in this new edition to reflect changes that have taken place since the publication of the original work. Greater attention has been given to factors associated with the potential impact of colorants and their metabolites on the environment.
Volume 1 concentrates on the chemical characteristics of dyes and pigments, with emphasis on attempts to interpret their colouring and fastness properties in terms of the essential structural features of colorant molecules.

Volume 2 collects together a remarkable quantity and variety of factual information linking the application properties of auxiliary products in textile coloration and related processes to as much as is known of the chemical structure of these agents. The environmental impact of auxiliary products, which became of major importance and developments during the 1990s, has necessitated substantial modification and expansion of the text of this volume from that of the first edition. The opportunity has also been taken to highlight novel chemical types of auxiliaries that are under evaluation to overcome or avoid many of the drawbacks shown by traditional products.

Chapter 1 Classification and general properties of colorants, by John Shore
Chapter 2 Organic and inorganic pigments
Chapter 3 Dye structure and application properties
Chapter 4 Chemistry of azo colorants
Chapter 5 Chemistry and properties of metal-complex and mordant dyes
Chapter 6 Chemistry of anthraquinonoid polycyclic and miscellaneous colorants
Chapter 7 Chemistry of reactive dyes
Chapter 8 Functions and properties of dyeing and printing auxiliaries
Chapter 9 The chemistry and properties of surfactants
Chapter 10 Classification of dyeing and printing auxiliaries by function
Chapter 11 Fluorescent brightening agents
Chapter 12 Auxiliaries associated with main dye classes

960 pages, 2002, ISBN 0 901956 77 5 (Vol. 1) / ISBN 0 901956 78 3 (Vol. 2)

NB: Volume 1 = Chapters 1-7; Volume 2 = Chapters 8- 12