Cellulosics Dyeing


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Cellulosics Dyeing
Edited by John Shore
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

The most thorough book available for those interested or involved in the dyeing of cellulosic fibres. It gives detailed coverage of the theoretical and practical aspects of preparation and dyeing, and how the properties of the fibres and dyes influence the coloration behaviour.

Chapter 1 Cellulose – structure, properties and behaviour in the dyeing process, by Thomas P Nevell
Chapter 2 Preparation, by William S Hickman
Chapter 3 Dyeing with direct dyes, by John Shore
Chapter 4 Dyeing with reactive dyes, by John Shore
Chapter 5 Dyeing with vat dyes, by Francis R Latham
Chapter 6 Dyeing with sulphur dyes, by Colin Senior
Chapter 7 Dyeing with azoic components, by John Shore
Chapter 8 Selection of dyes for dyeing cellulosic fibres, by John Shore

418 pages, 1995, ISBN 0 901956 68 6
SDC Ref: 31

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