CD-Rom: Practical Dyeing Volumes 1, 2 & 3



Practical Dyeing (CD-ROM ONLY)
by James Park and John Shore
Published by the Society of Dyers and Colourists

It is becoming increasingly difficult to source high-quality technical knowledge in the field of textile dyeing, whether in Western countries or the Far East, to where the industry has migrated in recent years. Companies seeking to maintain their position in the market place often desperately need such knowledge so that their directors and employees can run the company with optimum effectiveness and expertise.
This e-book from the Society of Dyers and Colourists has been written to help companies and staff in this competitive environment to gain this essential practical knowledge and apply it to the day- to-day running of the dyehouse. Presented in three parts, it covers the fundamentals of dyeing of every major fibre type, both natural and synthetic, and associated equipment and procedures for the coloration of all important fibre/fabric forms. It also devotes the entire first volume to management topics, an awareness of which is essential for the functioning of a modern dyehouse, such as environmental issues, automation, economics and colour communication.

The authors have spent a lifetime in the textile coloration industry, and have won plaudits for their significant contributions to the technical literature over many years.

Volume 1: Dye selection and dyehouse support
Chapter 1 Globalisation of textile coloration and related industries
Chapter 2 Impact of dyeing and finishing on the environment
Chapter 3 Services and resources
Chapter 4 Control, automation and robotics
Chapter 5 Product evaluation
Chapter 6 Colour communication, colorimetry and match prediction
Volume 2: Fibre types and dyeing processes
Chapter 7 Dyeing of cellulosic fibres
Chapter 8 Dyeing of wool, silk and other animal fibres
Chapter 9 Polyester dyeing
Chapter 10 Nylon Dyeing
Chapter 11 Acrylic dyeing
Volume 3: Dyeing equipment and textile form
Chapter 12 Producer coloration, loose fibre and tow dyeing
Chapter 13 Yarn and narrow fabric dyeing
Chapter 14 Dyeing of knitted fabrics
Chapter 15 Preparation and dyeing of woven fabrics
Chapter 16 Continuous dyeing of woven fabrics
Chapter 17 Garment dyeing
Chapter 18 Carpet dyeing
Chapter 19 Closing comments

563 pages, 2004, ISBN 0 901956 84 8

Please note: ”Practical Dyeing” is normally supplied in Portable Document Format (PDF) on CD-ROM with full electronic indexing and system of bookmarks to allow the user to navigate throughout the publication. This is the Print + CD-ROM version (A4 format) supplied in 3 volumes. As it is a print-to-order product, despatch can take up to 20 working days from receipt of order.

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