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Twin Lecture at Angel College, Tiruppur, India

Date: February 6, 2016 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: Angel College of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur


  • Date: 8th February 2016

    Sub: Event Report- SDC EC’s Colour Event 04/2016 Twin Lecture at Angel College, Tiruppur

    The Society of Dyers and Colourists Education Charity, (SDC EC) in association with Angel College, Tiruppur organised a Twin Lecture Program on ‘ZDHC and its impact on Textile Processor’ and ‘Ecological requirements, compliance and sustainability’ at Angel College, Tiruppur on Saturday, 6th February, 2016.

    These lectures were attended by more than 100 Students, Faculties, Heads of the Department and Principals from the institute. The event was also attended by industry professionals.

    The event began with Welcome Address by Mrs. Shobanashree, Assistant Professor Department of Fashion technology, Angel College. She welcomed the speakers on the dais to start the event.

    This was followed by presentation about SDC and its future activities, presented by Dr. Ruma Chakrabarti. She gave details about SDC membership, qualifications. She emphasised that special benefits are available to student members for their learning and growth.

    The First presentation was on ‘‘Ecological requirements, compliance and sustainability’. It was presented by Dr. Ruma Chakrabarti, Sr. Manager, New Product & Process Development, M/S Sharadha Terry Products Ltd.

    She explained about the impacts of textile processing on the environment.  More than 2000 different types of chemicals are used in various stages of processing like sizes, defoaming agents, scouring agents, dyes and other functional chemicals to arrive at the final finished textile product. All through the processing and during its life cycle it interacts with the environment and impacts the ecology. She also talked about recycling,  reducing waste, use of renewable energy and cradle to cradle concepts to enhance the sustainability and improve the ecological compliance of the textile supply chain.

    The Second presentation was on “ZDHC and its impact on Textile Processor” was on by Mr Alokkumar Sharma, Consultant -M/S Ramkumar Mills (P) Limited

    Mr. Alokkumar Sharma, in his presentation, first gave a brief explanation of Ecology, Eco-system, Ecological foot print & its current status Sustainability & then with examples, the alarming magnitude of water & energy requirement of textile processing.  Then he gave a brief account of Rapex (Rapid Alert System) used by EU nations for getting information of banned substances found in the textiles articles sold in EU market & presented some of the past & recent cases of Banned substances found & the effect of some of the banned substances on human health. Then with examples & videos (from Greenpeace), he presented the scenarios of waste water contamination, which lead to the formation of ZDHC group by some of the brands. He gave a brief account of ZDHC program history & its development till now, their vision, mission & goals. Then he explained the importance of Effective Chemical management & gave a brief idea about key focus areas developed by ZDHCRoadmap ver 2.0:  MRSL; Research, Audit Protocol & Wastewater Quality along with the need for appropriate training & Effective Data Sharing.

    He also explained about RSL, MRSL & the difference between the two & then explained how textile units can meet the ZDHC compliance requirements by proper communicating RSL & MRSL with their chemical supply chain.”

    The event was conclude with vote of thanks.

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