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SDC International’s Innovation Summit-2019

Date: January 20, 2019 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Location: Bombay Exhibition Centre,NSE Nesco Complex, Off Western Express Highway, NESCO, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

Contact: Mr Yogesh Gaikwad, Email, Mobile : +919223450584

  • The SDC International along with SDC EC(India) as a supporting organisation would collaborate with India-Itme at the GTTES 2019 to host an International conference on Sunday, 20th January 2019. It would be morning to evening event at the exhibition area Hall No 4. The theme of the conference would be ‘Educating the technology innovations in Textile colouration’. Please block your dates for the conference, for any queries please contact Mr Yogesh Gaikwad, Email: Don’t miss the unique opportunity to meet the industry leaders and learn from them the innovations that really matter to you.

    The sustainable challenge to the textile industry is very serious and urgent. Solutions are needed which are more realistic and more acceptable across the supply chain . technology can come to the rescue as it has done before when the world was faced with environmental and medical emergencies.


     What are the path-breaking solutions that can change the course of textile manufacturing in way it becomes more sustainable? Is it 3-D printing, digital printing growing coloured cotton fusing dye in to textile Fibers mechanically, polymer dyeing (dope dyeing), growing coloured cotton supercritical CO2 dyeing of polyester and cotton(?) and many more . There are been business models which are been proposed and some of them executed to adhere to the approach of a circular economy, how far is that models successfully in real life, needs to be debated.

     Water scarcity 

    It was mentioned in one of the interviews of popular fashion summit that only 7% of water pollution comes from industry and 93% of it comes from consumer use. This makes us innovate garments that require minimum maintanence and washing. Such garment would drastically reduce the water consumption at the consumer end. In future the demand for garments that can maintain their use ability for 5 times the current benchmark.

     What ends up in landfills and the oceans?

    An important issue highlighted during the recent International conference held in Mumbai by the SDC EC(India) was about the chemicals that remain on the textiles after they are sent to landfills or simply thrown in garbage. These chemicals include Dyestuff’s, dye fixing agents, finishing chemicals and other speciality chemicals that are used during dyeing. These chemicals though they may be bonded to the textiles can present a risk of health hazards to the ecosystem in which they are absorbed. Legislation to control these chemicals from going it to sensitive ecosystems is need of the hour.

    If you can’t treat your effluent you should not be able to produce?

     Effluent from textile processing is a major challenge and it has been getting some serious attention from legislators and pressure groups around the world. Treatment of textile effluent is very much depended on the content of the effluent. Salt content in effluent from cotton dyeing units and the slug left after the effluent are issue that need urgent attentions from researchers and solution providers across the globe not to forget the cost of water treatment which is widely debated issue among dyeing houses.


  • “SDC International’s Innovation Summit-2019

    ‘Educating the technology innovations in Textile Coloration’”

    8:30        Registration and Tea and Networking

    Start      Contributors      Topics

    Inaugural session

    9:42        Keynote               Innovation is Fastness texting -Mr James Regan Managing Director EMEA, Q-Lab Europe, Ltd

    10:12     Speaker 1            India-Itme Talk

    10:42     Tea Break

    11:02     Speaker 2            Sustainable Solutions in Natural dyes – Ms Rashmi Bharti, Co-Founder, Avani, Kumaon

    11:32     Speaker 3            Innovations in Digital printing

    12:02     Speaker 4            Salt free dyeing: A step towards to sustainability- Mr C N Sivaramakrishna and Mrs Jyotsana Shrivastava ,Rishabh Metals and Chemicals Private Limited

    12:32     Speaker 5            Innovation in textile colouration Mr Sanjeev Mehra-SF Dyes

    13:02     LUNCH BREAK

    13:47     Speaker 6            Saving valuable resources, Cadira – Mr Jayant Khera, MD DyStar India Private Limited

    14:17     Speaker 7            Towards Sustainability- Mr Anjani Kumar Prasad – MD Archroma India

    14:47     Speaker 8            Innovations in water treatment using nano technology-Dr Nupur Bhadur- TERI

    15:17     Speaker 9            South India Temple Art, Kalamkari on paper, textile and films-Mr Aegan Ekambaram

    15:47     Tea Break

    15:47     Speaker 10          Innovations in Automations in textile industry

    Review of the innovations

    16:19     Reviewer             Review of Innovations by Dr Siva Pariti- Sustainable Textile Solutions

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