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Aspects of Rheology – Formulation & Application

Date: October 28, 2015 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: PPG, Bradford Road, Birstall, Batley WF17 9NS

Contact: Sandy Gunn:

  • OCCA West Riding Forum invites you to attend their half-day seminar “Aspects of Rheology – Formulation & Application” on 28th October 2015 from midday at PPG, (Formerly Sigma/Kalon), Bradford Road entrance, (WF17 9NS), Birstall, Batley, West Yorkshire.

    “Aspects of Rheology – Formulation & Application”

    The hyphen is quite important, if you only use a comma, people could conclude the Forum is about any/all of, Rheology & Formulation & Application. Whereas in fact it is about Rheology with a focus on Formulation & Application.

    Understanding Rheology is a key factor in producing Formulations that actually work well in the Target Application.

    Both of ‘Formulation’ and ‘Application’ can be fairly widely interpreted. Formulation could be any of: How to, For what reason? What with? What to watch for, What to avoid. Application could be any of: Water-based, Solvent-based, High Solids, Solvent free. Then we have Application Method – and we already have a speaker on Application Methods, such as Conventional spray, HVLP, Mechanical Roller applications, such as Coil Coating and perhaps even right back to hand Roller, Brushing and Dipping, (Finger painting???), when Time and Substrate issues come into play.

    Coatings Companies and their Technologists need to formulate Coatings that work well. There are so many other things that have to work, that the focus of a Coatings development, is often anything but Rheology. However if you have ever done all the other things, then found the coating doesn’t apply well, doesn’t give the required film weight (and hence required performance) and looks to the customer that it has been formulated by someone who doesn’t understand what he wants/needs, the importance of Rheology moves right up the list of ‘to dos’.

    Defining suitable Rheological Performance and then selecting and combining suitable cost effective raw materials, is a potential minefield. Understanding the important Aspects you need to know and consider, will certainly help. Knowing who can help you with technical support and sound advice, will save many hours of search and bench work.

    West Riding OCCA have ‘Selected and Combined’ a Forum of companies that are keen to help you understand “Aspects of Rheology – Formulation & Application”. They will help dispel some of the mysteries, give ‘Sound Advice’ and offer ‘Technical Support’.

    This Forum has something for everybody who has an interest in Rheology, from large producers, to small Industrial paints manufacturers and the companies that support them. This concentrated form of lecture programme will have many advantages to the members, non-members and companies, who have come to expect good support from OCCA.


    12-12.30 – Check-in and safety induction at Security gate, (WF17 9NS). Then escort transfer to the Training and Visitor Centre; 10-15 minute walk, if weather fine.

    13.00 – Programme start

    17.45 – Programme finish and buffet

    Keynote Address

    Professor Jim Guthrie, Leeds University, “The importance of Rheology in coating formulation”

    Steve Goodyer, Anton Parr Ltd, “Instrumentation and Measurement of Rheology”

    Alan Guy, Safinah Ltd, “The Aspects of Rheology to consider for different application methods”

    Harold Faber, Faber and Vanderende, “New Rheological additives for waterbased coatings compared to existing additives”

    Elementis, Udo Schonoff, Technical Service Manager “Novel high efficiency NISAT thickenes”

    Speakers from Evonik and Borica will also give presentations, details to be confirmed.

    Come and join West Riding OCCA, for a typical, relaxed, friendly and informative afternoon.


    Earlybird deals until end July:

    Members of OCCA and SDC £26

    Student/Retired Members: Free

    Non-members £128

    There will, as usual, be a non-OCCA member offer of free membership.

    Table Top places for exhibitors are available.

    OCCA Members registering will need their Membership number, which can be found on the address label of their Surface Coatings International. SDC Members contact:

    Please find the link to webpage for Registration details and further information posted as we receive it.

    If you have any queries, please email: or tel: +44 (0)787 233 5989

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