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SDC International Design Competition 2012

Start Date: September 17, 2012

Closing Date: February 28, 2013

Type: Student


  • The global winner will receive a cash prize of £1,000 and the Veronica Bell Trophy.


    ‘To demonstrate the creative, imaginative and original use of colour in either fashion or textiles’

     Competition theme for 2013: Fashion for the Future?

    • All entries should show evidence of the following:
    • colour as an integral component of the design process
    • development of the designs, from concept to final design product or application
    • excellent presentation and clarity of ideas
    • innovative approach to incorporating this year’s theme of ‘Fashion for the Future?’ within the original design and final design application.

    The judges will assign marks in each of these four categories. In most instances, the students will be invited to bring their boards and statements to the regional heats. They will meet the judges and have the opportunity to give some background on their project. Where this is not possible alternative arrangements will be made.

    Theme: Fashion for the Future?

    This year’s theme of ‘Fashion for the Future?’ must be included in the design and the written statement.

    The need for awareness of the environment and sustainability in design is well appreciated by all involved in the textile industry. Phrases such as ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’ (the theme of a previous year), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Carbon Footprint are all understood and should form an inherent part of your design as the future of the textile industry relies on designs that incorporate these features.

    In a total appearance model we have to consider the colour but also other aspects of the object such as the shape, size, gloss, surface texture and translucency. Most importantly we also have to consider how that object looks in the surroundings as this can affect our perception and emotional response to a colour. In other words:

    • What is your final product?
    • How will it be used?
    • What is the context?
    • Where will it be sold?
    • What are the other aspects you need to think about?

    You need to consider all aspects of your products and its ultimate use. Therefore you are asked to consider how the product would be made, the context in which it will appear and why this is a good piece of design.


    Work to be mounted on a maximum of four boards of up to A2 size (please do not include any additional artwork/portfolio or finished garments).

    A type-written statement on one A4 sheet – no more than 500 words!

    If you win your regional heat, you are encouraged to bring one extra piece of work to the grand final, this could be a finished article or a sample garment.

    How to Enter?

    Download an entry form from this website, or contact the regional co-ordinator. All entries must be endorsed by the relevant course leader (entries direct from students will not be considered).

    Most countries put a limit on the number of entries per college (usually 3) – please clarify this with your regional contact. One tutor should be identified as the contact per college and be responsible for preselecting the students and submitting an entry form.

    Entry forms can be submitted by email to SDC head office or direct to the regional contact for your country.

    Please don’t post your design boards to SDC or your regional contact. In most instances, the students will be invited along to the regional heat to present their design boards in person.

  • September 2012

    Competition launch. Tutors can submit entry forms at any time.

    From Feb 2013

    Regional heats take place and country finalists announced

    Late 2013

    Grand Final takes place and global winner announced
  • Background

    Heats will be held around the globe. A finalist from each participating country will be chosen and all the finalists will be invited to the grand final where the global winner will be announced. The finalists will receive payment towards accommodation and travel expenses.

    Who can enter?

    Undergraduate students in higher or further education following a recognised first degree or diploma course in fashion and/or textile design from the countries listed below who conform to the relevant regional criteria.

    Entries must be endorsed by the course leader and entry forms submitted by the college or university on behalf of the student to the regional contact. Individual entries will not be considered.


    Australia | Bangladesh | Hong Kong | India | Ireland | New Zealand | Pakistan | Singapore | South Africa | Thailand | United Kingdom

    Age limit: Students must be aged not less than 18 years on 1 April 2013.

    Basis of submission

    • The work can be based on a fashion or textile design project produced as part of the standard course curriculum or specifically for the SDC International Design Competition.
    • Content can include finished roughs, design sheets, illustrations, working drawings, mood boards, photographs, fabric indicators, material swatches, etc. At least one board must outline the colour theme with the colour palette clearly indicated.
    • Each submission must be uniquely titled and must be supported by a typewritten statement in English (no more than one A4 page / ~500 words) explaining the background and inspiration for the work.
    • Boards: these should be A3 (297 x 420 mm) or A2 (420 x 594 mm) in size, with your artwork securely mounted.
    • Only one entry may be submitted by each student.


    Publicity: The work of the finalists will be on display during the heats and final. The winners will receive extensive publicity in the international press and in the Society’s own publications.

    Intellectual property: The intellectual property rights (patents, registered designs etc) in all designs submitted in the competition remain with the student. However, the Society reserves the right to use the designs for exhibition purposes and to reproduce them in reports, on the

    website, in press releases and in any other publicity material.

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